Going to Prague? You have to taste this!

Traditional cuisine

If you’d like to taste a traditional meal in a traditional setting then Café Imperial located in the city centre is your choice. Sounds posh, doesn’t it? However, you‘ll get your meal for a friendly price (last time I checked it was 12eur) and from a famous Czech chef, Zdeněk Pohlreich. Order svíčková, that means beef sirloin with root vegetable cream sauce and dumplings. Book in advance to avoid dissapointment.

Modern cuisine

If you’re a foodie who loves tasting modern stuff and doesn‘t mind going off the beaten path, go to Eska. Located in Karlín district (still not far from the centre) and 10 minutes walk from Křižíkova metro station, you’re up for a treat. Their staple dish is potatoes in ash with smoked carp and god knows how many other tasty things – ask very informative and welcoming staff. To explore more modern cuisine, get in touch with Prague Food Tour.

Czech bread

In case you’re staying in Vinohrady district (many people do), then check out Praktika bakery in Bělehradská street. It’s everything but fancy, however you’ll get one thing there for sure: highly aromatic, super healthy, traditional Czech bread. I mean, before potatoes arrived here 300 years ago, grains (and peas) were among the most important sources of nutrition. People ate bread all the time and locals have some experience making it.

Original beer dish

It’s no secret Czech people drink most beer per capita in the world. So what food do we like to mix with beer? Popular pub food is pickled sausage and pickled cheese for example. However, did you know that aromas of asparagus and beer go really well together? Moreover, people who like to experiment will appreciate having bone marrow prepared at a great meat place in the city centre called Kantýna. In case you want more places like that Food Tour Prague will help you to accelerate your discovery of Czech cuisine.

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